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Many of us got into fishing because of its simplicity. Its low cost. The ease. However as the sport has evolved kayaks are not as simple. Most tournament kayaks have pedals, some have motors, most have electronics, and almost all are extensively rigged for kayaks fishing. Anglers frequently carry as many rods as a pro bass boat.

The Simply fishing tournament is held every September at Ocean Cove in Northern California with one goal…keeping it simple. No drives of any kind are allowed. You must paddle. Only one rod per angler. No electronics.

Ocean Cove is beautiful, and the rugged coast can have challenging conditions.

The final step in keeping it simple is that all anglers must use the exact same tackle. At the check-in every angler receives a small plastic container of lures. These are the only lures allowed for the event. Anglers cannot share. If you run out from snags or break-offs you are done for the day.

Every kayak and angler is inspected for compliance before launch.

This unique format does not discourage attendance. I personally enjoy fishing on equal terms, and apparently so do others. In 2018 and 2019 there were over 100 registered anglers. In 2018 I was lucky enough to finish 2nd with a 14 pound 15 oz lingcod.