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Now that the show and demo season has passed for 2019, I feel like it would be a good time to look back at what the results for these show have indicated for our area. First, let me preface this article by informing you of the local waterways in my area. There is MILES upon MILES of rivers as well as smaller lakes. There are also a few larger lakes. This will give you some insight as to why the interest in certain models of kayaks. 

We have sold A LOT of Jackson Kayaks this year. My local dealer, Ozark Mountain Trading Company, has sold more this year than they have ever sold. That says a lot considering that they are one of the largest Jackson Kayak dealers in the world. The interest at shows has been fantastic and the turnouts for demo days has also been great! This shows great health in the industry and promise for growth as only about 10% of people at these shows and demos end up buying a kayak right away. I’d like to detail a few of the most popular models at these events and then also show what customers liked the most. 

The biggest seller and attraction at shows seemed to be the Bite. This is no surprise. I was personally part of 12-15 purchases from shows or demos of the Bite. That boat is excellent for the waters that we have here. It really satisfies the person who just like to float down the river and be comfortable without having to worry about flipping over. People love that they can put their dog and a cooler in the front or back…or both and not have to worry about space. People also seem to love the open design of the floor, with plenty of room for all of your lures, poles, beverages or whatever you may have with you. I can’t see sales for this boat do anything but get better. 

The next most popular is the Liska. At the beginning of 2018 I would have told you that you were crazy if you told me that the Liska would do so well here. It caught me completely off guard. People love the stability and they seem truly shocked when they paddle it and find that it is so steady and easy to paddle as well as very comfortable. This is a great boat for the people who seriously fish rivers or lakes and also people who like to do overnight floats. There is so much room on this boat for gear and customization. The guys who are out looking for a premium kayak always seem to look past it because it isn’t as expensive as some of the other boats and I think that gives the impression that it is “cheap”. It isn’t. This boat might have the best “bones” of any kayak from any manufacturer.  Each time I talk to a potential customer about kayaks I always point them to the Liska because it excels in so many ways and once the customer sees that the boat sells itself. 

Last but not least is the Coosa HD. There is still a TON of interest around this boat and there are always people that have questions about it and want to demo it. The fact that it is stable and still so maneuverable is a huge attraction. Also, all of the “frills” on the kayak seem to be a fan favorite. From the rod tusks to the console and even the fact that the front hatch area has a TON of space. I think that the Coosa HD was an instant classic from the moment that it was introduced. Lots of gear track, being power pole ready and the new latch system are all big attractions as well! 

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article! I think that the swarms of people at all of the shows and demos are a clear demonstration of Jackson Kayak being on the right track with their products. It really makes me excited for the future of Jackson Kayak and even more excited to see the new products that have been introduced this year. With all of that being said, what is your favorite kayak?