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It was already mid April and the spring wasn’t really kicking in. It was cold and dry and the Pyrenees didn’t really have any good whitewater other than Pau’s artificial slalom course. Lucky enough it had rained a little bit in the Cevennes area, so we stopped doing laps on the concrete ditch and spent a couple days paddling on the uber classic Haut Tarn. We came back and there was still nowhere to paddle in the western pyrenees.
Eager to paddle  convinced my mum to do a casual 6h detour on a 11h drive all the way to the Northern Alps where I grew up. My friend Max had just called me. His local run : les gorges du Verdon, was in. I had only been there once 14 years ago and I had blurry memories from a beautiful deep canyon. We stopped for the night at his place and rallied early the next morning. It was cold but even more beautiful then I remembered, and most likely the most beautiful rive of France.
Follow the guide. Max knows the lines through the siphons