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As the director of a state wide kayak fishing series I get the opportunity to speak with tons of people on a daily basis on all sorts of topics within the sport. I am asked constantly about my opinion on tackle and accessories, the best ways to fish specific bodies of water, how I set up my kayak for success, and many more topics. With all these conversations, I start to hear a lot of excuses from people on why they have not gave kayak fishing a try, and I am excited to get the chance to put a few of these misconceptions to bed once and for all. The following are my thoughts on a few of the most popular, in no particular order.

“It’s so hard to transport” – In today’s world, transporting a kayak can be done with any vehicle out on the market, with the proper tools, car top systems are light weight and safe for both cars and your kayak, and provide a cost effective means to getting your kayak from point A to point B. It also allows you to not have to put cross bars on your car if you don’t want to. Bed extenders are also a smart addition to your pickup truck, allowing you to transport your kayak without the use of a trailer, while still keeping it safe. A good rule of thumb is to never transport your kayak fully loaded and to always make sure it is properly strapped down and secured.

      “A good comfortable kayak is too expensive” – In the Kayaking world, the words, you pay for what you get, couldn’t be more in play. It is important to find a high quality kayak that will last you forever, you’ll enjoy being on throughout the day, and is the best fit for you and your style of fishing. When looking for a new kayak I always love to follow these simple rules: Look for a company based in the USA that (more importantly) builds their boats in the USA. This simple rule will allow you to have a much easier road if you ever need to contact the company for a warranty or question about your purchase. It is important to get a good high quality kayak that you will not out grow as your kayak fishing evolves, so jumping right into that “Forever Boat” is very important. So DEMO, DEMO, DEMO! Most local shops will allow you to try out as many as you need to, this is a very important step, as other people’s experiences on the same kayaks could be much different than yours, making your mind up for yourself and your style will pay out in the long run. This route, can be scary to a few people, when they see a price tag for high quality kayak it can turn people right off, that is why it’s a few idea to research on companies that offer payment or financing programs such as the one a

      Companies like Jackson work with you, and your local dealer to allow you to get into the best kayak for your needs, without breaking your bank account. Check out

      These are just a few excuses that keep people from the water, and they really shouldn’t. By simply doing some research and finding the right products, as well as the right companies, you can be kayak fishing in no time.