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Buying Tips! Bite FD or Coosa FD or Big Rig HDFD?

If a European customer is interested in a pedal kayak, I am often asked which model is the right one for this guy. Below I compare the Bite FD, the Coosa FD and the Big Rig HDFD (from the perspective of a European; with metric units) to make your decision easier. Detailed information about all Jackson Kayak models can be found on the website

Before making a decision, you should be clear about which waters you will be fishing in the future, how exactly the kayak should be equipped and last but not least, what budget you have.


First, the three models differ in price. For many beginners one of the most important decisions when buying a new kayak. The more equipment, the higher the price. Another important point: the weight. In most cases, we Europeans have to transport a kayak on the roof rack of our car, while in the USA many kayak anglers transport their kayak on a pickup truck or a trailer. In Europe, almost nobody drives a pickup and only a few buy a trailer.


So the weight of the kayak plays a major role, since it must be lifted or pushed onto the car roof as easily as possible. The Bite FD weighs 42 kg without seat and drive and can be handled easily. Everyone develops their own technique over time to get the kayak on their car roof. This also works with the other two models, but the higher weight is noticeable (Coosa FD: 46 kg without seat and drive, Big Rig FD 65 kg fully outfitted). If you are mostly traveling with a buddy, all weights are irrelevant, since you can easily lift the kayaks on the car roof with two guys.

The limits of the capacity can not really be reached with a relatively normal body weight, even if the kayak is packed for a camping trip.
Capacity: Bite FD 182 kg, Coosa FD 205 kg, Big Rig FD 250 kg.


The kayaks differ little in speed, only the heavy Big Rig FD is a bit slower. However, this model has the advantage that it can be bought as a Big Rig HD for paddling and can later be upgraded to the Flex Drive. For many people a great flexible and cheaper solution in the beginning!

Length and Width

How do the kayaks differ in length and width? The Bite FD is 350 cm long and 89 cm wide, the Coosa FD 384 cm long and also 89 cm wide, the Big Rig FD 404 cm long and 102 cm wide. The stability is amazing with all three models.


Let’s talk a little bit about the equipment and associated rigging options: the Bite FD has fewer gear tracks than the Coosa FD and Big Rig FD, but is usually sufficient to mount the fishfinder, action cam and rod holder. All 3 models have two flush mounted rod holders behind the seats.
The Bite FD with the open-concept deck has a lot of storage space with a system of touring-style bungie cords. These areas are perfect for crates, hard and soft coolers, dry bags of gear and more for daily usage and long exploration trips. The Coosa FD and Big Rig FD have a hatch with heavy duty latches, molded-in rod tip tubes and are PowerPole ready.

For the pure offshore angler I would definitely recommend the Coosa FD, in my eyes the perfect kayak for the big wide ocean but also for all other waters. If I have to keep budget and weight in mind, the Bite FD would be my first choice. If the best possible stability is important to me and I have a high body weight, the Big Rig FD would be the right kayak for me.

Transducers can be attached to all 3 kayaks in the scupper holes.

The Coosa FD and Big Rig FD also have molded-in rod tip tubes.

Updates 2020:

The seat of the Bite has been upgraded and is very comfortable. All 2020 models will be delivered with the new Flex Drive 3D, the new FD 3D Rudder Kit, the updated two bladed propeller and the improved steering kit. The new flex drive 3D system is smooth and requires minimal effort to get to top speed.

Colors 2020:

All 3 models are available in the colors Forest, Dorado and Battleship. The Coosa FD and Big Rig FD additionally in the color Marsh.

All Flex Drive models can be equipped with the new Flex Drive E! Perfect for reaching spots without effort and ideal for trolling. Simply remove the upper drive, install the Flex Drive E and connect it to a battery. Here I recommend the new Rebelcell 12V35 outdoor box.

I hope I could make the decision a little easier for you. There are many YouTube videos about the models that you can watch. And if there is a demo day near you, take the chance! If you have any questions, send me an email:

Instagram: @denniskieselhorst

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