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Inexpensive Christmas gifts for the cold weather paddler

Looking for Inexpensive Christmas gifts for the cold weather paddler? Greg Parker is here to help with his top presents for the kayaker in your life.

1. Ear plugs. Keep cold water out to prevent ice cream headaches and to protect you from long term damage know as surfers ear.

2. Skull cap. Even a thin .5mm skull cap makes a huge difference in cold water paddling.

3. Gloves. Keep your hands warm. A .5mm allows you to still feel the paddle, while 2mm would work best in freezing conditions. A 1mm glove may be a sweat spot for many.

4. Neoprene shorts. If the weather doesn’t call for a drysuit, but you need a little warmth, add a layer of neoprene around your legs.

5. Baselayer. Capilene base layers work great under dry tops. I own a light, medium, and thick layer. On warm days I just wear the light weight shirt, but I layer the medium and thick on colder days.

6. Anybody Can Kayak instructional video. Staying upright is the best way to stay warm. Improve your paddling with these instructional videos so that you stay high and dry.