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Jackson Kayak always looks towards the future, so while we are rocked by the resignation of our founder and designer – the irreplaceable ‘EJ’ Jackson – we have a wealth of the world’s most experienced paddlers eager to take on greater roles. Clay Wright and Stephen Wright will be taking the lead for whitewater R & D (working with David Knight, who’s designed all Jackson Kayaks to date), while continuing to manage our Regional Team. Emily Jackson will be directing all whitewater marketing. Nick Troutman will be taking over Jackson Media House for Whitewater, and will be taking our video production to new heights. Dane Jackson will be helping with R & D, marketing, video, and serving as JK’s Master of Stoke. If you want to know who to talk to about anything Jackson whitewater-related please reach out to any of us at any time.

JK has many exciting whitewater products already in the works. Plus, outfitting upgrades, kayak financing, direct-sales, plans to remake popular older models, and our exciting new 5-year warranty plan. If you haven’t seen our just-launched , brand-spanking-new website please check it out! We’ll be working on improvements with the site so that we can “portal” whitewater paddlers into a more specialized place for us soon. Please be patient as our website is still a work in progress, and we know that there are still things to be improved and fixed.

No, Jackson Kayak hasn’t “sold-out”. No, we haven’t merged or been bought out. No, we haven’t gone all corporate, but we are now more organized. We have the same team. We have the same awesome kayaker-investor that’s been here since the beginning and he has reinvested even more. Adding new leadership to improve our production, financial management, and our company-wide processes. Something that we’ve long needed with all our growth. We’re still 100% committed to whitewater. We’re still by kayakers, for kayakers and we can’t wait to show you everything we’re working on!

See you on the river!
The JK Whitewater team

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