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Creating Opportunities for Family Fun with Whitewater Kayaking

For me, Whitewater Kayaking is not just an individual sport, but also an opportunity to enjoy unplugged time together with my family. There are so many park & play spots and river runs that provide joy for every age and experience level of paddler. With my little brother, getting into this sport at a young age, is all about having fun and gaining confidence on the river. He loves paddling his Jackson Kayak Fun1 at different park and play spots, but chooses to ride in style when we do family river runs. My dad cut a hole in an old spray skirt that allows my little brother to have an epic time running the river from the comfort of my boat. To help him sit up higher and get a better view of the wild ride to come, we add a foot block for him to sit upon.

Excited to share with you, part of our family paddle down the lower Nantahala River. I hope this short video blog inspires you to create opportunities for family and group adventures that bring smiles and laughter.