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When I do go fishing I generally like a bit of predator fishing, mainly Pike but today I thought I’d spend a little bit of time doing something a bit different and try a spot of float fishing and see what came along. So off to a local lake with a tub of maggots and my trusty Kilroy DT, naturally the Pike rod was packed because I can’t help myself 😉

A Bit of Everything - Kayak Fishing

The lake was in nice condition, clear water and lots of marginal weed. I was watching for movement on the surface as the lake contains some nice Golden Rudd, they like to top for insects off the surface. So whilst anchored up in the weed watching the water I noticed a little ripple as a fish tops followed by the unmistakable bright red fins. There was at least one nice Rudd in front of me within casting range, a quick cast out and waited. didn’t have to wait long for the float to slide away and fish on!

A Bit of Everything - Kayak Fishing

After what seemed like a life time of watching the fish weed me up over and over again it was finally in the net, a beautiful fish it was too! Rudd aren’t a huge fish but they are a good looking fish with lovely golden scales and bright red fins, a new pb at over 2lb I was very happy!

I wasn’t going to top that fish so decided to move around still float fishing to see what else I could find, I caught plenty more fish though all small but was great fun to be watching the float again. More Rudd (though small), Perch and Skimmer Bream was had but couldn’t help myself I did a spot of Pike fishing and landed one at the end of the day.

A nice relaxed day on the water, my kinda day 🙂