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The YuPIK is a kayak that totally surprised me. I know of no other kayak that is so easy to rig, versatile and can, not only be used as a fishing kayak, but also as a tandem with a second seat or even for SUP fishing! In addition, it offers an infinite amount of space for a dog or for a lot of equipment on camping trips.

Rigging the YuPIK

Let’s talk a little bit about how I equipped my YuPIK. The many and long gear tracks offer a huge advantage here and you can install accessories in almost any desired position.

I installed a YakAttack DogBone Camera Mount on the front gear track. This position of the GoPro enables me to get a lot of landscape in the background in the photo. The GoPro is relatively far away, so I use voice control. Due to the stability of the YuPIK, it is also no problem to kneel down and switch on the camera by hand.

Rigging the YuPIK

I am not a fan of very high-installed fishfinders because they bother me when fishing, but for the YuPIK I use a DogBone Extension from YakAttack, attached to the front of the middle gear track. The transducer is positioned with a self-made mount in the front left scupper hole. So I have my rod tip at vertical fishing close to the transducer (perfect to see the bait on the sonar) and no annoying fishfinder in the way.

Rigging the YuPIK
I regularly use the transducer on other kayaks, so the cable from the transducer lies on the front of the kayak. It doesn’t bother and I can use my fishfinder flexibly. As a power supply for the fishfinder, I use a Rebelcell 12V18 li-ion battery (in a water-resistant bag) or the Rebelcell 12.35 AV outdoor box.

Rigging the YuPIK

I think the footrest from the new Kilroy HD is great and I simply attached it to the YuPIK. Not only looks good, it is also perfect for paddling.

I attach my paddle to the YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder. Alternatively, you can also use the Hypalon Paddle Stager. My paddle is a Bending Branches Angler Pro, which I adjust to a length of 250 cm.

There are a total of four spots along the sidewall for the tackle boxes (3640 Plano). There is also enough space under the seat for additional tackle boxes. Camera cases can also be easily stowed under the seat (in a high seating position).

Behind the seat is my KKrate, which I secure with a bungie cord to YakAttack Vertical Tie Downs. I have a total of three rod holders, I do not need more.

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I usually put my landing net in the molded in rod holders of my kayaks. Since the YuPIK does not have this, I installed a rod holder close to the seat on the left gear track. I can easily reach my landing net with my left hand without looking. A small landing net would also fit under the seat.

I use the Tightline Anchor K5 to anchor. A really solid anchor that I can recommend to everyone!

Rigging the YuPIK

This is my complete equipment for the YuPIK. I always try to install as little as possible on the kayak and for me this is currently the perfect solution for this kayak. The YuPIK rocks, definitely have a look at your dealer and test it!


Instagram: @denniskieselhorst