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10 Beginner Kayak Fishing Questions

You have questions. Here are the top 10 things beginners ask me about Kayak Fishing.

Every beginning is difficult, and nowadays you are overwhelmed with different information from the Internet. That is why it is so important to communicate with people from the real world and to put any theory into practice. I speak regularly with beginners who want to start kayak fishing. And I advise everyone to simply do it. In the second step you can think about how to rig your kayak. All you need to start is a kayak, a paddle, a life jacket, a fishing rod and off you go! In this article, I will not go into more detail about which kayak is right for a beginner, but will answer the questions after this choice has already been made.

What are the most asked questions from kayak fishing beginners to me?

10 Beginner Kayak Fishing Questions

1) So far I’ve been fishing from the shore, do I have to buy new rods and reels for kayak fishing?

Probably yes. There is no reason not to use your existing fishing rods at the beginning, but in most cases they are at least 2.7 meters (9 ft.) long and therefore not easy to handle on the kayak. Especially the hand part of the rod is too long when fishing while sitting on the kayak. Of course it’s a matter of taste and there are also people who don’t mind. But I advise everyone to use rods from about 1.8 (6 ft.) to a maximum of 2.4 meters (8 ft.) on the kayak. With these rod lengths everyone can fish well on the kayak. I have also had many hand parts of rods shortened especially for fishing on the kayak. Many fishing tackle manufacturers now have kayak fishing rods made, such as the SPRO Vibre and the Westin W4 Kayak.

10 Beginner Kayak Fishing Questions

2) What is the best way to transport the kayak on the car roof?

The kayak can be transported on any car roof rack and secured with two lashing straps. Depending on the car model, heavier kayaks can be pushed from behind or from the side onto the roof rack, if necessary with tools such as blankets or for example Thule SlideBars or the Thule WaterSlide.
Check out my blog about transporting kayaks on the car roof:

3) What kind of paddle do I need?

More than 90% of my friends use a 240 cm paddle. This is a length that I also recommend to every beginner. Even better is a telescopic paddle, such as the Bending Branches Angler Pro Plus, which can be adjusted from 240 to 255 cm. If you are the owner of a Big Rig, I would recommend a 260 cm paddle, otherwise you can paddle almost all kayaks with a 240 cm paddle. I advise everyone to spend a little more money on a paddle. The light weight definitely pays off!

10 Beginner Kayak Fishing Questions

4) Can I tip over with the kayak?

Yes, it can happen. But only if you make a mistake that can be avoided in most cases. If you stand across in the surf, you tip over. If you hide your tackle in the far corner of the kayak and try to grab it with hectic movements, you tip over. Nowadays, most kayaks are so stable that you can only tip over if you make really stupid mistakes. In any case, always practice re-entry to be well prepared.

5) Can I fish while standing?

Yes you can. There are kayaks that are better made for this and kayaks that are not. Get advice from someone who is familiar with it. In general, people with a smaller height and weight have it a little easier. Tall people with a higher body weight simply have to choose the ideal kayak for themselves. All 2020 Jackson Kayak models are perfect for standing fishing!

10 Beginner Kayak Fishing Questions

6) What safety equipment do I need?

This is easy to list: clothing adapted to the weather, a life jacket, a signal whistle, a safety light and possibly a paddle leash, also a VHF radio for offshore fishing.

7) Which clothes do I have to wear on the kayak?

Check out my blog “Top 15 Essential Gear for Kayak Fishing”, where you can read exactly which clothes and which life jacket I wear.

10 Beginner Kayak Fishing Questions

8) Is kayak fishing only possible in summer?

No, as long as there is no ice on the water you can fish from the kayak! But you have to dress accordingly. A dry suit and good thermal underwear are ideal for winter.

9) At what age can you start kayak fishing?

There are no age limits for kayak fishing! My daughter started paddling alone at the age of 8. My dad is 76 years old and is regularly fishing from his Jackson Kayak Coosa. There is no minimum age and no maximum age, everyone can paddle and fish from a kayak! The very young anglers can be perfectly taken along on the Big Tuna. Check out the Jackson Kayak Skipper, which was built especially for children’s kayak fishing:

10 Beginner Kayak Fishing Questions

10) Where can I get more information about kayak fishing?

You will get a lot of information from all over the world on the Jackson Adventures blog, there are numerous articles! Further information is of course regularly on the Jackson Kayak Facebook page, on Instagram @jackson.kayak, @jacksonkayakfishing and @denniskieselhorst and of course there are many videos on the Jackson Kayak YouTube channel!