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By: Andi Brunner

In december 2019, I spent three weeks in Africa on the mighty Zambezi. In this blog I am going to show you why it is definitely worth going there. First, some information for those of you that don’t know the Zambezi. It is the fourth-longest river in Africa and it’s most noted feature is Victoria Falls. Just below the falls there is a beautiful gorge where people started to raft and kayak. Kayaking down that gorge is unique in several ways. In the following part I am guiding you through the awesomeness of the Zambezi gorge

First of all – and probably the most convenient point for every kayaker: The whitewater! I have never seen a river as fair as the Zambezi. Every rapid has a big pool afterwards and almost all the rapids are clean. The moves that you can do one the Zambezi are innumerable. Boofs, kickflips, squirts, whirlpools, wallride, surfing, freewheels, etc.

Why the Zambezi is One of the Best Kayaking Locations

Secondly the climate. No hats, no jackets, only short pants and t-shirts everyday! Even the water is warm like a bathing tub. Paddling without a jacket is so good!

Thirdly it is so easy with the logistics! If you go with Safpar, the rafting company, you dont have to do anything. They pick you up, bring you to the river, organize kayak porters and bring you back afterwards. That is glorious.

Last but not least Sambia is an awesome country. You can do safari, have a look at Victoria Falls and many more cool things! If you take a day off, you won’t get bored, I promise!

Why the Zambezi is One of the Best Kayaking Locations

Going to the Zambezi was one of my coolest kayaking trip I had so far and I will come back for sure! There is a dam planned and no one knows when it is going the be built so better go there rather sooner than later!

At the end i would like to recommend to stay at Jollyboys Bagpackers. They have good connections to Safpar and are wonderful people. It is a cheap and beautiful place to hang out!

Photo credit to David Sodomka and Adrian Mattern

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