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10 Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing on a Budget

I regularly speak to people who have no money for an expensive kayak and all the equipment. You don’t have to start with a fully rigged pedal kayak. You can upgrade later! Jackson Kayak has many great not so expensive paddle kayaks and the equipment can grow over time. Here are 10 tips for starting kayak fishing on a low budget:

10 Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing on a Budget

1) Start with a paddle kayak! If you are looking for a cheap but high quality kayak, check out the Bite Angler ($ 899). A really great kayak with an open-concept deck at a very attractive price point.
If you want to spend a little extra money, then take a look at the Coosa and Liska. And if you don’t already know: financing options now available at Jackson Kayak. Shop now, pay later with Klarna!

2) A paddle doesn’t have to cost $ 300 in the beginning. For example, the Angler Scout from Bending Branches is a great two-piece aluminum paddle and costs less than $ 100. But please don’t go cheaper on your paddle. A higher price means lighter weight, and lighter paddles are worth the extra money for long days on the water.

3) Keep you gear simple, you don’t need a full rigged high tech kayak for successful fishing days. Keyword: minimal rigging! Grab a rod, a landing net, a plier and a small bait box and you’re ready to go! Talk to experienced kayak anglers about the tackle and kayak rigging parts before buying twice. Visit a kayak fishing event, where you can quickly chat with like-minded people and where you can take a close look at all fully rigged kayaks.

10 Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing on a Budget

4) Build yourself a crate! There are matching boxes in every hardware store. You can save a lot of money with DIY rigging.

5) You don’t necessarily need a fish finder (once you have one, you don’t want to do without it). If you already own a fish finder, you can at least save money on an expensive transducer mount. If you have a friend who works in metal processing, ask him if he can build you a mount.

10 Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing on a Budget

6) It doesn’t have to be an expensive drift anchor, the famous IKEA blue bag is perfect for this! If you don’t have one at home, any of your friends will surely have one around.

10 Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing on a Budget

7) You can also make leashes yourself to secure the paddle or your fishing rods. Cheap bungee cords with carabiners or old spiral cables serve the same purpose.

8) Take good care of your beginner kayak! If you wash and clean it regularly (and don’t drill unnecessary holes in it!), you can sell it later for more money and thus you have more starting capital for an upgrade to a pedal kayak.

10 Tips for Starting Kayak Fishing on a Budget

9) Start kayak fishing in spring/summer, not in winter. Then at least you don’t need an expensive drysuit and you can buy the really good clothes (for example from NRS) for the cold days later. But in summer please do not save on sun-protective clothing and waterproof sunscreen!

10) Don’t try to save money on a life jacket. No kayak fishing without a life jacket! I don’t want to tell your wife that you drowned because you wanted to save $ 120.

So what are you waiting for? Spring is coming quickly! Get your kayak and hit the water!

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