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Best day of the week; Beatdown Thursday w/ The Keener Program


The Ottawa river is home to many notorious programs for teaching kayaking, but one of the best is the legendary Keener program led by Stephen Wright. Over the summer months dozens of kids from all over the world come to learn with the best coaches in the world, and paddle every day on some of the best features, and sections. The keener program is a place you can come barely knowing how to kayak and leave feeling like a pro. I was even a keener myself growing up along with many other pro kayakers, and was one of the biggest things I always looked forward to every year.

These days whenever I get the chance, I try to at least get a few days with the program in the summer as there is never a dull day. Last summer one of the days I got on the water with them is the best day of the week, Thursday. The day that the kids on their own accord challenge themselves all day long whether it’s dropping into the biggest features or taking out in the hardest spots. It is one of the reasons why kids progress so fast and become such confident kayakers in the short time they spend at the Keener program. It is never a boring day, and there is nothing quite like big water beatdown Thursday.

Check out the edit from one of the best ones I have ever been a part of.


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