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There are very few weekends in the year that bring together so many kayakers, rafters, and just any person that enjoys the river. The Gauley Festival in Summersville, West Virginia, is always an awesome time. The Gauley River itself is a gem on it’s own, no matter what kayak you are in, it’s a few hours of infinite moves and options when running the river. I am constantly moving around but I always try to make the Gauley Fest, and I am pretty sure I have only ever missed one in my life. The whitewater and enjoying an epic day on the water with hundreds of people is enough to bring you out for the weekend. But once you are off the water you head back to Summersville where there is live music, hundreds of vendors, good beer, and just good times. It’s a weekend full of good times, and if you haven’t been I highly recommend you at least go once, but after your first time, you’ll probably be going back every year.

Check out my Gauley Fest weekend with lap in the Antix, which is the ultimate boat for the river, followed by good times at the festival!