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Kayaking in Snow | Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020

This was the 3rd edition of our Snow Kayak Boater X Event which takes place in Vars, in the heart of the Hautes Alpes. A mammoth winter sports festival comprising of Slopestyle, Freeride, Jumpline, and Downhill MTB European ski / snow cups. Once again we included our own kayak event on the ski slopes, Our purpose built track measured. 300 meters in length with 150m of elevation gain including 11 huge bends that can climb up to 4 meters, and for the first time an extravagant finish on a quarter pipe of 3 meters at over 50 ° incline led to some last second dramas.

| Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020

The co-organization between Outdoormix and No Pasa Nada, allowed with the help of the ski station to create this boater x format never seen before, it took more than 10 hours of snow grooming and 3 days of Shaping for the 4 volunteers of No Pasa Nada to make it possible to secure and prepare this track for 4 days of festival, sliding, contact and fun.

Each turn is individually shaped to help secure and eliminte any possible risk of departure from the track. A vertical wall of about 30 cm allows riders to stay in the lane, with 25 nets placed along the course to secure the rider and spectators.

| Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020

The turns are inspired by skiing, a little more open allowing the kayaker to manage their speed and the orientation of the boats. Once the start is launched, you just have to manage your trim and the direction with the paddle, the bobsled inspired shape allows you to slide to the finish line.

| Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020

The competition is open to everyone, starting with 4 riders in each of the qualifying pools with top spots progressing to the finals. A full day of competition under the Alps sun. This year 26 riders took to the course, from 8 to 57 years old…

No need to not panic if you do not have your own boats, Nomad River School have been a partner from the start, and also one of our Jackson kayak Summer Test centres based on the Durance, will lend you Zen, Antix, Karma or even Nirvana… Surprisingly these boats preserve their different programs on snow, from the stability of karma, to the maneuverability of the ‘antix or the speed of nirvana, these boats seem as comfortable on the water as on the ice …

| Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020

This year the prize money of 350 euros was won by Cyril Menesson, for the past 3 years his place had remained at the foot of the podium, but this year he takes the win after 1min30 of intense combat.

| Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020

An extra incentitve for 2020, Even after the finish line there was still the huge quarter pipe to negotiate, with stratigically placed bells at the top of the copping allowing you the opportunity to win a good beer, offered by our partner Chouffe, providing a little moment of hydration before the next round.

| Winter Outdoormix SnowKayak 2020

Outdsoormix is ​​not just for kayakerst, 150 ski / snow freestyle competitors were found in Vars Park, A stage of FIS slope Ski and a European snowboard cup took place there, with a 19m big air ramp and an impressive slope line, 3 days of competition in one of the biggest parks in Europe. There was also a qualifying stage for the freeride world cup in the face of the eyssinas.

Demos of jumpline drawn between two snow groomers was a spectacular sight as well as the mountain bike downhill event at sunset from the top of the mountai. Of course no festival would be complete without some live music and Apres-Ski, to finish the 3 evenings of festival with notably SKARA MUCCI, SKIP THE USE, and many other DJ’S.

The 4th edition of Winter Outddormix will return in January 2021 to the Vars domain…

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