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Although I have been able to get on lots of runs in California in the summer, there was one run that kept eluding me, the Middle Kings. It is not only famous due to having some of the most notorious rapids in Cali, but is widely known due to the hike in. Most multi day runs in California have big hikes to get to the top of the run, but the hike into Middle Kings is in a league of its own. Hiking 11 miles up and over Bishops Pass, though gruelling, is one of the greatest places I have ever gotten to experience. Every minute of the hike kept getting more and more beautiful and mind blowing, and the scenery changes so much with how much gradient you ascend.

I was ecstatic to finally get the opportunity to experience the run I had grown up seeing, along with Carson Lindsay and Cali legend Ben Coleman. There is a gauge to check the flows for the Middle Kings, and although the levels were looking a little high, it was starting to drop. We all only had about 3 days available to us, so we decided to commit.

The gauge was showing that it was on the top end of what people usually commit to the run, but once we were in there, it actually rose back up a bit. But although some rapids became a little too stout with the extra flow, in the end it felt like a glorious flow, and it was an unreal few days. We finished in about 2 and a half days, and once we checked gauge after completing it, we realized it was actually one of the highest flows anyone had gone in there. I am already so anxious to get back into that mindblowing place, and experience a true gem of the kayaking world.

Check out my GoPro edit from the trip, it honestly was one of the best multi days I have ever gotten to experience-