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Top Fishing Gear for 2020

My fishing season starts here in Germany in May and I would like to talk about some of my new kayak fishing gear for the 2020 season:

Top Kayak Fishing Gear for This Season

NRS Chinook OS

The NRS Chinook OS Fishing PFD has now been added to my collection of NRS life jackets. The OS is not only damn beautiful, but also extremely practical and certified in accordance with CE EN 393 (very important for Europe!). Added features for open-water safety and convenience: PlushFit™ foam and a high-back design combine to create an extremely comfortable vest. A mesh lower-back offers added ventilation on warm days. One large, zippered tackle pocket, with internal organization, plus one smaller tackle pocket. One zippered pocket sized for a VHF radio and three accessory pockets with hook-and-loop closure. Also features a rod holder, two strobe attachment points, two knife lash tabs and extra reflective accents for low-light visibility. The zippered front entry and six adjustment points offer a customized fit.
When choosing colors, remember that a bright color increases visibility!

Top Kayak Fishing Gear for This Season

Wiley X Contend Captivate

With my new Wiley X Contend Captivate™ polarizing glasses I have made a quantum leap in quality! A really impressive pair of glasses: enhanced color, greater clarity, increased alertness and contrast, better depth perception! Wiley X Captivate™ is the only premium polarized eyewear brand that blocks out all bad blue light up to 430NM. Absolute buy recommendation!

Spro Freestyle Flip Net

Actually bought for the trip to Florida because it fits perfectly in the suitcase. Now I can use the net when I want to catch perch. The net has the standard thread to screw on any normal net handle. I use a short handle for the kayak from the Balzer company. I am not sure if the Flip Net is only available in Europe.

Top Kayak Fishing Gear for This Season

Rebelcell Outdoorbox 12.35 AV

The Rebelcell Outdoorbox is perfect for operating the Flex Drive E and / or a fish finder. Both can be supplied with electricity at the same time. Compact and lightweight (3,7 kg) waterproof (IP65). Example of using the fishfinder: after 12 hours of continuous use, the outdoor box still has a remaining charge of 85%!

Top Kayak Fishing Gear for This Season

Rebelcell Power Rebel 26K

The Power Rebel 26K is a high capacity powerbank for outdoor use. Ideal for camping trips to charge your cell phone or GoPro’s! Technical specifications: shockproof casing with multiple fast charge outlets, wireless charging feature, integrated solar panel and LED light. Charges your phone up to 9x or tablet up to 3x. Simultaneously charges up to 3 devices via the 2 x USB-A and 1 x USB-C fastcharge outlets.

Top Kayak Fishing Gear for This Season

Mini Camping Stove

A mini camping stove that is screwed directly onto a gas bottle is perfect for quickly brewing coffee or warming up food by the water. These little helpers are available from many manufacturers on the market, can be easily stowed in the kayak and do not cost much.

Top Kayak Fishing Gear for This Season

Jackson Kayak Flex Drive 3D

The upgraded pedal drive from Jackson Kayak has given me a lot of pleasure in the past few weeks and will give me great hours on the water in the future. Check out the changes to the new Flex Drive 3D:

Top Kayak Fishing Gear for This Season

Jackson Kayak FD 3D Rudder Kit
The new Jackson Kayak FD 3D Rudder Kit improves turning radius and tracking. A really great upgrade for all FD models at a very reasonable price!

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