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Despite only having 2 days to spare after my first descent of my dream waterfall; 134ft Salto Maule. I knew I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to go and see another drop I have always wanted to do, Salto Puma. Although I was only a few hours from the airport less than 48hrs before my flight, I couldn’t resist making the 9 hour drive south the wrong way to the rio Fuy where water levels were hopefully low enough for the epic waterfall. Normally I am in Chile when the levels are just too high for Puma, so this was the first time I was around when the time was right. Although water levels were on the lower end, once I saw it, I knew it was game time. I didn’t make the rally south fast enough to be able to do it the night before my flight, so instead, I ran it the morning of. Luckily I had a crew willing to help out, and it was everything I had hoped for!

Check out the edit from the rally here!