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Having the opportunity to fish has always been a way of life for many but over the last month it’s become even more important for several folks. With the majority of live tournaments on hiatus across the country more anglers are switching gears to gather food, reconnect with family and offer a little mental vacation from the current situation. While the outdoors has become a refuge for many it also means that we need to take a few extra precautions to insure our safety to and from the water. Here are a few tips of things that you can use to help you take distancing into fishtancing.

Number one will have to be planning trips closer to your home base. The less road you see the better in this instance. In planning to fish closer to home you eliminate the need to stop off for extra gas or stops at a convenience store. Less road time also can lead to less chance of a break down or accident along the road ways. Our 1st responders are busy with other things and us being more responsible helps not only us avoid unnecessary contact but them as well.

Social Fishtancing | Kayak Fishing

The second important thing is loading up the cooler to supplement your needs for the day. While there are a lot of us that haven’t packed our lunch since grade school now is a great time to get that habit up and running again. Carrying your own food, drinks and ice from home to the boat launch is probably one of the most essential things that you can do to keep yourself fishtancing during these times. I am using my Orion Cooler now more than ever to make sure I have the things I need with me. It’s quickly become one of the most important pieces of my kit and it helps me avoid those unnecessary points of contact.

Lastly drive separately but keep at least one person nearby. If there are issues on the water or on the road the buddy system will always be a staple for kayak fishing. Respect their space as well as your own unless there is an emergency situation. Again this is just a good measure to help keep or 1st responders from reporting to unnecessary calls. We need to keep those folks as safe as possible during these times and not out dealing with our negligence.

Social Fishtancing | Kayak Fishing

Remember while Social Fishtancing our decisions could and can affect others. We are all excited to see our friends, fish events and travel to some amazing destinations. The better we do at this the faster those opportunities can happen. If you can’t get out due to your areas closures check out the Jackson Kayak Facebook for live videos with anglers and a few rigging tips to help pass the time. Stay safe and we will see each other out there on the water soon enough!

Stay Crazy,
Chad Brock

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