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Pedal, Paddle or Pole

Getting Started

About a year ago, I demoed the BSB Angler 360 for the first time. Being a mirage drive guy for 9 years, I was very skeptical, but hey, try something new, right? It was a perfect summer day bass fishing on Lake Conroe. The drive system was smooth and quick. The freedom of my hands and ease of steering from the seat was precise and simple. I am 6 ft 3 in and around 240 pounds. I stood up and walked all around this thing. I pedaled a back pocket in the lake. I was hooked. I had to get me one.

From the Pedal to the Pole | The Blue Sky 360 Angler

Skinny Water Dominance

Fast forward a few years, I am the owner of several makes and models of kayaks, including three Blue Sky Boatworks Angler 360s’s. This kayak exceeds all my expectations for skinny water marsh fishing. It has quickly grown to be my kayak of choice. It gets SKINNY. I mean skinny. If you are like me you find yourself in inches often, you do need to pole less than 4, but I have never experienced a more controlled poling kayak in my years on the water. I have been on many fishing platforms, and this is hands down the superior flats and shallow water pedal system.

From the Pedal to the Pole | The Blue Sky 360 Angler

The flex drive is a 12-1 propel system that is beyond compare. It quickly moves (flex) itself out of the way if you encounter shallow underwater obstructions such as stumps and reefs. It has adjustable range so that you can still pedal as you get shallow. Drafting 2 inches with my weight makes it perform flawless in those back lakes and skinny water marsh drains. Even paddling, smooth and quick, easy to control and tracks superb. I would recommend a 300 cm paddle, this is an instance where the kayak width of 48 inches over rides the height/width comparison for paddle length choice. For poling, an 8 to 10 foot push pole is my recommendation. The BSB Angler 360 does come power pole ready though!

From the Pedal to the Pole | The Blue Sky 360 Angler

The Future of Kayaks

Drive systems and motors do seem to be the growing trend in the kayak industry. There will always be a place for recreation, fitness, distance and whitewater adventure for the paddlers. The paddle will stay. However, keeping with the movement of the industry toward drive systems, skinny water is dominated on the Blue Sky. You can pedal it. You can pole it. You can paddle it. Take my money.
Ready to experience this skinny water stalker? Contact your local Austin Canoe and Kayak or get more details at to find your closest retailer.

From the Pedal to the Pole | The Blue Sky 360 Angler

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