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Kayaking really is for everyone. It’s a go at your own pace, do what you love, heart pumping adventure sport that is perfect for the old and young and everyone in between. Which is why kayaking is such a big deal for us … we get to have a blast WITH our kids. And it’s a super easy sport to get kids to love, provided you do it right. If you do it wrong, you run the risk of ruining kayaking for them forever. A lot of pressure, but it’s easy to teach kids to love kayaking if you just back off and let the kids do what they do best … have fun.

So, when you take your kids to the river, bring their kayak, but also bring the toys, the boogie boards, the fins, the goggles, the duckie, the whatever they think is fun. Let them play, it’s how they learn about whitewater. You see, the biggest mistake parents make with their kids in regards to kayaking is making it work. Always working on rolls, always doing attainments (why on earth), always forcing the kayak. It is supposed to be fun. The river is fun. Kayaking is fun. Don’t do adult things and ruin it for your kids.

The biggest takeaway … Every bit of it has to be fun and every bit of it is educational in regards to their future as a member of your paddling crew!

See Ya On The River.