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Last fall my wife Annie and I moved back to Maryland from Colorado. This year we made a point of exploring our local creeks and rivers in Maryland after rain storms. We paddled a fun local drop that is able to be a park and huck in a local state park. This drop was new to both of us and it was Annie’s first slide, which made it even more fun to explore together.
There are more creeks and rivers that we hope to paddle and explore when more rain storms come. I have paddled quite a bit in Maryland and the surrounding area, but I have discovered this year that if I open my eyes to looking for new places to paddle that have easier whitewater there are still many new places to go. Many of these new-to-me rivers and creeks offer fun rapids and/or nice scenery.

What new local rivers or creeks have you explored? Hopefully this inspires others to try going to new places even if it may not be the most challenging river you are comfortable paddling.

Happy paddling and exploring,