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“Pumping the Kayak Tires!”
By: Trevor Thomson

Correct, kayaks don’t have tires, nor do we as anglers, but every once and awhile we like to pump our tires! I’m a Jackson Kayak Regional Team Member in Western Canada and am extremely passionate about all things kayak fishing. Chasing new species, competing in events, rubbing shoulders with fellow anglers, and fishing from a Jackson Kayak is my jam!
But this isn’t about me, or where I live, this is about me reviewing what is happening in the Jackson Kayak angling world. More importantly, Jackson Kayaks shift to be more diligent and dedicated to consumer and team member feedback, producing quality over quantity, getting back to the roots of the brand.

Some people pump their own angling tires, some pump their preferred brands tires. I think we all do it to some extent, its humane nature when your passionate about something I believe. But when it comes to Jackson Kayaks latest move on their kayak fishing strategy, I feel as though no tires are in the need of pumping here at all. What I am referring to is the introduction of Jackson Kayaks new Fishing Team Lead, Jameson Redding. No need for introduction, especially no need for tire pumping.
Just to be clear, I have never met Jameson in person, but unless you have been under a rock your entire kayak angling career, chances are you have heard or know of him. A prominent member of the kayak angling community in the USA, well known not only for his beard, but his long-time dedication to the Jackson Kayak brand and all things kayak fishing related. A very well rounded and knowledgeable angler, kayak fishing pro, and gear junkie. This guy knows his stuff, he brings his passion for angling to the forefront in all his endeavors, is amazingly humble and well spoken. I couldn’t be happier with Jackson Kayaks new market shift focus.

My goal as a Jackson Kayak Regional Team Member in Western Canada is to continue to build stoke of the Jackson Kayak brand. Get people engaged in kayak fishing, get them into Jackson Kayaks, and listen to their comments/concerns about the brand and forward the feedback on! Oh, and of courser, fish my face off and compete in events ????
With the introduction of Jameson as Fishing Team Lead, all feedback Jackson Kayak angling related funnels through to him. He is the sponge that absorbs all Team Members feedback and channels it to the most beneficial internal resources at Jackson Kayak, ie. R&D, product design, etc. This is a huge win for Jackson Kayak and anglers alike in Jackson Kayak boats, a voice to be heard, acknowledged, and applied. A step in the right direction to bring Jackson Kayaks name to the forefront, long term!

If you are ever in Western Canada looking to get in on a Jackson Kayak fishing experience, hit me up, I will do my best to help you check off one of them bucket list fish you have. Also, feel free to reach out and provide feedback you may have on the Jackson Kayak brand, I’m all ears!
See you on the Water! Fish On!

Trevor Thomson
Aquabatics Ambassador (Edm, AB, CAN)
Jackson Kayak Regional Fishing Team Member
Insta @paddlepowerangler
Facebook @Alanthomson