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Hi everyone!
Today I want to share with you the second series of videos dedicated to building a spot.

Two weeks have passed since the events of the first episode.We gave water time to find new ways and wash away the cleansed bottom.After that, we returned to the spot and checked the changes. It got deeper. Аbove and below the water drop. Therefore, we decided to work on the step which have to stop water before drop and rise the level of that.
It seemed to us ineffective to immediately make a concrete structure without checking its shape, so we chose an old, fallen tree for this role.Through simple manipulations, it was possible to process the log and transfer it to the river, after which it was installed in a spacer in the right place. The level of the step and the height of the fall were quite good, but the width is too large. We left the playspot for a week to blur and prepare for the next tests and first rides.

I will try to continue to add English subtitles to my videos on the channel.
Thank you for your understanding and attention!


Stas Vasilev

Link on video: