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With the various restrictions from state to state, county to county, and yes even by city to city some anglers have the option to go fishing either by traveling some distance, fishing in their neighborhoods or not event to have the opportunity to go fishing. For me personally I had the opportunity to go fishing, that then changed to only being able to launch my kayak only from a private access, then bank fishing was open but we were not allowed to fish docks and piers, and now public launches are back open again.

Yes there are some restrictions like the number of people on a boat, no rafting with other boats, and moving and not stopping unless you are fishing. For me I have been trying to be responsible and stay home but sometimes to help me keep my sanity I will take the kayak out for some fishing. The one thing that I have been doing is helping out Heroes on the Water by going live on Facebook every other week to provide instruction on tying flies.

I do understand that the majority of anglers don’t fly fish and maybe even more don’t tie their own flies. So how can anglers use a fly on a spinning rod or a bait caster? I remember a long time back; maybe something like 50 years back that my dad had taught me that using a spinning rod that using flies are possible by using a clear casting bubble. A casting bubble is basically a bobber or a float. There is a slight difference through. A casting bubble has two tie in points; one for the line from the rod and reel and another tie in point for the leader and the fly. The casting bubble also has the function to add extra weight by pulling a pin to allow some water into the casting bubble. This gives the ability for the angler to adjust the depth of the fly and casting bubble.

Other options for a casting bubble are strike indicators, bobbers, floats, and quills. To make depth adjustments to get the fly into the strike zone you might have to use some type of weight like lead, tungsten, or tin type of sinkers.

I’m sure that you can use this method of fishing for most species, but I would suggest that you check your state laws when it evolves fishing for freshwater trout. This method might not be legal in sections of water that are identified as fly fishing only. However it is a great method to target crappie, bluegill, sunfish, or what every will decide to take a fly. So get yourself a casting bubble and some flies and take that spinning rod out on the water to catch some fish from your childhood dreams.

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