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For generations we’ve focused on our core users being fun friendly people, but we’re recognizing we’re missing a whole demographic of consumers, the un fun peeps… Therefore Jackson Kayak launches The Un-Fun Guy Logo.

The Un-Fun Guy Logo will be featured on a variety of our latest designs and a representation of our new demographic of consumers.

Just because you’re not fun doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel unwelcome here at Jackson Kayak. As one of our core values has always been inclusivity, we want to ensure that branches out to all personality types- un fun n all…

If you are wondering if you fall into the Un-Fun category check out the definitions of Cockalorum, Snollygoster, Pillock, Lickspittle, Smellfungus, and Mumpimus.

About Jackson Adventures
Jackson Adventures originated in 2004 with the launch of Jackson Kayaks, a made-in- America whitewater brand founded by world champion and Olympic kayaker, Eric Jackson, design partner David Knight and friend, Tony Lunt. From its headquarters near Rock Island, Tennessee, the brand quickly established itself as the leader in innovation and build quality and soon diversified into a line of recreational and fishing kayaks equally distinctive for thoughtful design and elite performance.
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