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When it comes to tournament fishing I’m all about efficiency and maximizing my time. I don’t want to spend unnecessary time organizing or moving around gear. I want quick and I want dependable solutions to my gear management so my sole focus can be on fishing. With that in mind I came up with a great and simple way to secure my tackle in the tank well of any Jackson kayak that I think will be beneficial for anyone. Like a lot of people I’m not much of a fan of bungee cords, especially when used in the tank well to secure tackle. They are twisted in every direction and are time consuming to configure to your needs.

The first thing I do with every Jackson kayak that I own, that comes with a tank well bungee system, is remove it. In its place I install two sets of YakAttack vertical tie downs (2 on each side of the gear trac). On those tie downs I install two sets of nylon back pack straps that have quick disconnect buckles (these straps can be found at most retailers in their camping section for just a few dollars). Now all I have to do is drop my black pak full of tackle in the tank well, throw the straps over the box, snap in the buckles and pull the straps tight. It’s simple, quick, and totally secure.