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In 2022, retail pricing across the outdoor sporting industry has gone up across the globe as a direct result of costs rising due to labor, materials and shipping.  Jackson Kayak, in cooperation with their dealers, have announced that they will be locking in current pricing till December 31st, 2021. This announcement will allow dealers the rest of December to sell Jackson kayaks at 2021 set pricing on 2022 models.

Changes in the industry have left it more important than ever to be a Made in USA manufacturer, but even those who build in the US eventually get effected by overseas stimulated costs; especially costs felt by partner manufacturers Jackson counts on for their quality kayaks. Increases have been steep in materials like plastic, metals and assembly of accessories across the outdoors world and are the key component to the price increases we are experiencing.

Labor costs have been a main battleground this past few years, heightened by many factors.  Staff has become very hard to find and keep in a highly competitive local scene effectively raising the wages of employees we need to ensure quality manufacturing.  Jackson Kayak has been a leading provider of jobs in the White County region by continually improving both the physical and financial conditions for workers at the Jackson factory.  This past two years has seen Jackson invest heavily in its factory and we have stepped up its investment in its valued staff even with the increase in demands that the staffing world has seen these past couple of years.

Over the past two years, both incoming and outgoing shipping costs have increased exponentially both domestically and internationally. The collision of all these elements has driven the cost of transferring any goods constantly upwards.  These costs effect both the manufacturing of goods, with supplier shipments, as well as the cost of finished goods through to the dealers.

New pricing will go into effect on midnight of December 31st, 2021.