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Living in south Louisiana you have endless places to fish in saltwater. That doesn’t mean there aren’t quality places to bass fish within an hour of home. That said I picked an over cast cool day to fish a river that I seldom fish. It’s known for numbers of bass, but not a lot of big bass. That didn’t deter me from trying to find a few big females. The river was setting up nicely that day in late November.

Bass Fishing in South Louisiana

The river is currently at its lowest flood stage which means less hiding places for bass. I put my Jackson Bite FD in and I took off. I love this kayak and it really cuts through current nicely. This particular day I threw several baits without any luck and didn’t have a bite after three hours of fishing. Condition were perfect. I kept on down a bank. I was working a grass line with a chatterbait when I thought I was hung up on grass except the live started ripping. I set the hook and a large bass explodes out the water.Bass Fishing in South Louisiana

I’m shaking because this would be my personal best bass I’ve caught in Louisiana. I’ve caught some really nice bass in other states, but not here. I took my time fighting her and she made me nervous jumping out the water. I finally netted her and had a sigh of relief. When I put her on the board I knew I had a really good fish. She measure over 21 inches and had a big head. Only thing she was missing was a fat belly, but I couldn’t complain. My day was made. I caught a few more small bass on spinner baits fishing around downed trees, but it wasn’t fast and furious. When I picked up and got home I finally got to sit down and go back through the pictures of that fish. What a special day! I really love the Bite and couldn’t ask for a better kayak.