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KAYAK: Benefits With Friends

There is an abundance of reasons to climb into / onto the kayak. Here are a few:


In a time when people prefer to “social distance” there’s not a better way than being outdoors and add to that the pastime of kayaking. Going solo, picking a partner or going as a group kayaking allows for many ways to get out and not be in close proximity with almost any number of people. Fresh air, fresh or salt water, creeks, stream, rivers, lakes or ponds you can make your trip pretty much whatever you want.


A few factors that help make your decision as to which kayak you venture out in might include:

1. Your Budget, how much income can you dedicate to picking a boat? My advice is the same on fishing tackle, vehicles and kayaks, how much use will you get from each? A general rule of thumb is avoiding the cheapest and only if you can realistically justify it consider carefully the most expensive. A Jackson BITE Angler kayak is listed at a retail price of $1099, great for a basser on a budget or an entry level paddler. Almost immediately some people counter with I can get brand X for $400, my response is the cheaply made kayak could crack, doesn’t hold its resale value and likely isn’t as safe / stable. Do your research.

2. Safety, DO NOT compromise your well-being. Go to a reputable dealer and test paddle or pedal the kayaks you are considering. Width is the key to stability, length as well as weight are the concerns for handling and transporting. Research basic safety and follow the basic boating rules. (Climbing in or out, stay centered and low profile) Don’t scrimp on life jackets.

3. What’s the primary purpose of your kayak? Exploring, fishing, white water, hunting or just the occasional water adventure? * A rhetorical question, will you be happy a year from now with your kayak. (I paddle a five-year-old boat)

KAYAK: Benefits With Friends


Groups are easy to find on social media, at retail outdoor oriented outlets or in general recreational areas. Kayakers are some of the friendliest people you can find. TIP: (Don’t ask the location of a fishing hole that is producing giant fish) Most kayakers are anxious to help and can be a wealth of knowledge. Pleasure paddling, fishing or just launching for a quick exploration trip most folks are willing to be of assistance. Group activities, buy-sell-trade often occurs in local organizations, also scheduled group events also lend themselves to the axiom, “there’s safety in numbers.” Keep in mind kayaking can be a great family affair.


A huge benefit is the gather of food for the occasional fish fry. While many advocate a strictly “catch and release” policy a case can be made for a few “hook em’ and cook em’ “trips throughout the year. I’m a fan of shopping in Gods grocery store. While a part of the population yearns for grass fed beef during the fall, I harvest grass fed venison. During certain times of the year we take a stringer and a fillet knife to catch, clean and cook part of our catch. The shelves in nature are rarely empty and the price is always right. Multiple species are highly prized at the table. RULES: I advocate taking the smallest legal largemouth and spotted bass. They are an easily renewable resource. In the spring we take a few crappies in order to eat some and keep our fishing holes stocked. Bluegill and catfish are two species with gigantic populations and are often “invited” to the fish fry. Normal for us is enough fish to make a meal plus a few leftovers. Trophy size fish are always returned after a quick “hero” picture.

KAYAK: Benefits With Friends

Regardless of age the benefits of paddling or pedaling can’t be denied. You get exercise and fresh air free of change. The correct paddling strokes develop and maintain core structure. Pedaling works the legs and stomach muscles. A certain amount of cardio training comes with kayaking and the associated activities. Increased flexibility and toning muscles can be a direct result of kayaking for almost anyone. The mental vacation you receive from kayaking is incredible, the enjoyment of the senses, sights, sounds and smells are all accentuated in the outdoor experience. The kayak glide of propulsion, the up-close views of nature and the freedom the waters provide is virtually unparalleled. An untapped demographic are the seniors. With time, disposable income, a desire for exercise and healthier lifestyles baby boomers and those in their golden age are great candidates for the kayak life. You can hardly be too young or too old to start and continue. Another healthy plus, once again fresh fish for those so inclined and capable.

For these reasons and more Kayaking is perfect for enjoying what I call BENEFITS WITH FRIENDS.