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submitted by Kayak Mike

In 2022 Ohio will have a dedicated Ohio Kayak Catfishing Trail. The events can be registered for at

Online Catfishing Tournaments ( is the host group.

Entries are $100 per event, $80 of which goes to that specific tournament pot after applicable app fees (which are nominal). $15 goes to Big Fish. $5 goes towards the point race. Your best 4 out of the 6 event performances count towards your score. NO ADMIN FEES.

Point system is as follows:
100 Points for a 1st place Finish
+5 Bonus Points for Big Fish
-1 from 100 per position away from 1st (example 2nd place receives 99 points, 3rd place 98, so on and so forth)
Minimum 75 point for registering and submitting 1 fish regardless position
50 points for registering and submitting 0 fish to the leader board