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How to use the Jackson TriTrack – Endless Options for Kayak Fishing

When the Tritrack premiered I became excited. I am “that guy” that loves attachments and finding multiple uses for things. The TriTrack was my next challenge. How can use space without making it too cluttered. I have both the TakeTwo and the Knarr so I have twice the opportunity. Let me start with the Knarr.

How to use the Jackson TriTrack
The Knarr is 100% TriTrack from front to back. Being a huge fan of the Yakattack Omega Pro Rod holders, I added 7 behind the seat (3 on the right side, 4 on the left) for storage. This allows me to have the rear tank well wide open for the 16×16 BlackPak Pro, as well as a Dakota Lithium Battery box to charge my phone/go pro.

On the right-hand side in front of my seat, near the front hatch, I added a Yakattack Double header to mount my Leverage Net outside of my kayak, keeping it out of the cockpit area but in easy reach when I am standing up, or sitting down. Directly behind the net I added the new Tackle bin, also outside of the cockpit area. This has bags of soft plastics, extra weights, some hard baits, an extra reel, and my pliers inside, and my fish grips attached to the outside. This allows me to throw my bass/fish on the grips and throw back in the water while I check pictures, or to tire the fish out a bit while I wait to take one.

How to use the Jackson TriTrack
On both sides of the kayak, directly next to my seat, I have no less than 5 cup holders. They are so versatile and my favorite accessory. Why so many? I use them for cut soft plastics, hard baits I have swapped out, hold my drinks, sunscreen, sunflower seeds (always have to have seeds when fishing), pliers, tethered phone, you name it. If it can fit in a cupholder its likely going in.
The TriTrack also allows you to run wiring inside of it, keeping it off the deck of the kayak. For those that don’t want to run their wiring through the hull it is a big advantage.

How to use the Jackson TriTrack

Even with all that “stuff”, there is so much TriTrack still left to explore and experiment with. I’m hoping, soon, to come out with another TriTrack rigging post, this one with the TakeTwo. I may have acquired a spare piece of TriTrack off a warranty boat to do something special and one of a kind (for now) with. Stay tuned…..

TriTrack on the TakeTwo