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Jackson Knarr | The Ultimate Tournament Fishing Kayak

My Choice to Conquer the Water.

I have been tournament fishing from my kayak for over 7 years now traveling around the country competing on a wide range of bodies of water. From the big waters of the Great Lakes to the small reservoirs often targeted in the Local trails, I have seen them all. During this time, I have learned what I need in a tournament kayak to make life easier and to help improve my performance on the water.

rod storage

1. Space.

At 13’9” long and 37” wide, you have the space to move around and hold the gear you need for any situation. The internal rod storage is a big improvement allowing me to rig 6 rods pre-tournament and have them secured in the kayak and ready to go without having to load them in and out of my truck. The tank well is spacious enough to hold the largest of crates from all the top manufactures. The space also allows me to store 2 Torqeedo batteries for a full day of fishing without worrying about having to conserve battery on long fast runs.

2. Speed.

With the new Mark4 drive, the Jackson Knarr is one of the fastest pedal drive kayaks on the market. This kayak is very fast and able to achieve those speeds with what I feel is minimal effort. The new prop design paired with the belt driven Mark 4 upper, I am able to quickly get up to speed and get to my spot quickly. This is a big key during tournaments when you need to be the first one to a promising fishing spot.

3. Maneuverability.

With the new rudder and hull design combination, this kayak is able to turn very efficiently. The fast hull design and the new rudder controls on the Knarr make it easy to position yourself. You are able to keep the boat positioned easily for slowly working down a bank or holding on a spot. The ability to have instant reverse with just a change in pedal direction makes for a pleasant experience. After just a short time in the seat of this kayak I found myself holding position and maneuvering with very little thought and effort.

4. Ease of motor mounting.

Front bow mount ease and simple rigging for the Torqeedo motor make this kayak a breeze to set up. Motors have become the norm rather than the exception in most kayak fishing trails. This kayak was built with that in mind. Wiring, foot steering, controls and battery placement were well thought out on this kayak. When rigging a motor, you will greatly appreciate the simplicity of the process.

5. Battery storage.

Whether you are running a motor or powering multiple fish finders, there is plenty of room to store the battery power you need. The rear storage hatch is sized to fit the Dakota Lithium 100ah battery or an equivalent with ease. The front storage hatch has ample room as well for almost any battery that suits your needs. This allows you to position the weight of the battery in the bow or stern to trim your setup for the best performance.

rigging the knarr FD
6. Rigging ease.

The Jackson Tri Track has really been one of my favorite new features on the 2022 Jackson fishing kayaks. From bow to stern you have the ability to position your accessories (Fish finders, Active Target, tackle management, paddle holders, cup holders, anchors, foot steering controls), anywhere you want. Having the ability to mount items on the top and both sides of the rail make the options endless and allows you to tweak your setup to exactly how you need it while out on the water. The massive front and rear storage hatches make running wiring for lights, fish finders, motors and steering a breeze.

7. Durability.

The new mark 4 is quiet, belt driven and has had a complete redesign to improve the maintenance free durability. The kick up drive makes clearing grass from the prop a quick and simple process along with eliminating worries about hitting stumps and rocks or remembering to pull your drive when beaching. Also the large skeg that drops down when the drive is deployed gives it even greater stability and tracking in the wind.

8. Stability.

The new hull design is focused on being highly maneuverable. The new design maximizes incredible secondary stability to keep you right side up in the rough conditions. Whether it is strong current, heavy boat waves, traffic or rough water from the wind this kayak really shines.

9. Paddle-ability.

Let’s face it, no matter how reliable the drive is or what type of motor you have mounted on your kayak, things can go wrong. You always need a good paddle with you out on the water and if your kayak is not able to be paddled with ease then you could be in trouble. The Jackson Knarr is a kayak that can easily be paddled if needed.

Catchihng fish on the Knarr

10. Run and gun ease.

This last point is really the result of the combination of the first 9 items on this list. I have found that one of my favorite aspects of this new Knarr is the speed and ease of loading up and moving to a different launch point mid tournament. The speed of the kayak can get me back to the ramp quickly. Once I am there I am able to trailer my kayak and leave most of my gear attached and safe for transport without tearing down the whole setup. The Internal rod storage lets me keep my rods in the kayak, the internal storage lets me stow the loose stuff for the trip down the road, and the deep side walls allow me to secure my tackle crate and bags inside the boat so I can move ramps and get back on the water as quickly as possible.

If you are looking for a great option for a tournament rig, stop in to your local Jackson Kayak dealer and take a Knarr for a test drive. Experience for yourself the speed, room and comfort that this kayak has to offer and begin your quest to #Conquer The Water.

Ultimate Tournament Fishing Kayak