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Kayak Fishing in Western Canada
Written By : Trevor Thomson

Kayak Fishing Canada group shot
2022 Eastslope Kayak Fishing Classic

Well, that’s a wrap already, another year on the WCKFT has come and pretty well gone! Man, summer seems to sure fly by when it’s filled with kayak fishing tournaments, meet-ups, derbies, and camping all revolving around time spent participating in the Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail.
If your new to Western Canada, new to kayak fishing, or just happen to come across this article and are intrigued on the WCKFT, allow me to give you a quick rundown on who and what the WCKFT is, and how AQOutdoors supports in all of this.

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The WCKFT stands for Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail, and I, Trevor Thomson, am a director of the trail, along with 6 other fellow passionate kayak anglers. Our goal as organizers/directors is to promote and host licensed kayak fishing events in Western Canada. (Eastern Manitoba border to the Saltwater of the BC coast) Our trail series is a freshwater kayak fishing series where anglers compete for cash payout, prizes and most of all, bragging rights. The WCKFT is really all about comradery, sustainable fishing, getting new anglers out, and experiencing time on the water competing in events with friends and family. Now, when I say Competing, we like to use that word loosely, because honestly, its all just about fun, helping one another on the water catch fish, laughing and socializing.

This year, the WCKFT has seen amazing growth once again, we had a total of 93 anglers participating in a mixture of our live, in person tournaments, as well as our season long online event.
Kayak Fishing in Western Canada
Official 2022 Trail Stops on the WCKFT
The planning has begun already for next year, even though this year hasn’t even come too a full close just yet. As we plan for next year, anglers participating in the WCKFT are already looking and chatting about upgrades to their current boat, modifications they want to make, and places to adventure next.


Kayak Fishing in Western Canada Prizes

For years before my time as a participant and director of the WCKFT, AQOutdoors has been sponsoring and supporting the trail each and every year. Commitment from long term sponsors like AQ is key to growth. AQOutdoors is NOT just your normal paddle sports retailer, they are paddlers and anglers just like you. Gear, safety, trip planning and resources is their specialty to give you the best experience on the water with all the necessary equipment. So, like I have said to so many anglers that ask me, if you’re looking for upgrades, a new boat, maybe some new gear to replace a few of your DIY items, pop into AQOutdoors in either one of their Calgary or Edmonton locations. Giving back to those small businesses that support your passion is so valuable. So, to AQOutdoors Aquabatics, thank you for your support to the WCKFT, and your commitment to the kayak angling community to keep us safe, geared up, and all smiles on and off the water.

Kayak Fishing in Western Canada us!
Tom Stewart, Wes David, Trevor Thomson during filming a second episode of Kayak Fishing in Western Canada to be aired in March of 2023 on Fishing the Wild West TV with Host Wes David, Sponsored By JK and AQOutdoors. (location, Edmonton Shop)

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