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An Overview of Jackson Kayak’s Orion Coolers

In 2014 Jackson Kayak launched a new line of high-end coolers, Orion Coolers.  This decision came after years of contract molding coolers for another manufacturer and after 5 years of design leadership recommending where the coolers could be improved to adapt to today’s multi-faceted adventurer’s demands.  Jackson then decided to step into the cooler game and produced what it felt was the best cooler at ice retention, most effective sizing, and most customizable for multi-purpose adventure.  All coolers are made in Tennessee and the sales of the coolers help employ hard working Americans. The best way to review our coolers is to compare them with Yeti, Coleman, RTIC and the other coolers to show why Jackson is at the top of the cooler game in function and tech. Orion Coolers are designed and manufactured in the US, which creates some distinct differences with Yeti and other brands.

Which cooler has the best ice retention?

Ice retention is basically what the coolers are there for!  In the past 8 years, Orion Coolers has won close to ALL of the head-to-head ice retention comparisons.  One of the first major reviews was done by Rokslide and matched Orion against all other major brands.  Orion was #1 for ice retention.  Check out the Rokslide review:

Ice retention is impacted by insulation, how the cooler seals and locks. There are some key steps the user takes to avoid some of the ice retention pit falls.  Jackson’s coolers are 1.5 to 2 inches thick with top notch insulation and a lock down system that ensures the seal is firm.  Some users claim up to 10 days of ice retention!!

Are you getting accurate capacity in your cooler?

When Orion Coolers started, we found that almost ALL coolers were mis-labeled!  We had consumers pour water from our coolers into Yeti’s, Orca’s and others only to find they all over flowed.  True quarts were hardly ever shared with the consumer, and we made sure that it was not the case for Orion.  Capacity is very key for calculating and planning how much food or game you can transport.  The good news is that Orion designed their coolers around the capacities you need out there in the wilderness.  The better news is that other coolers are now showing true quarts but are now sometimes 5 square inches smaller than Orion’s in their class.

Can you accessorize your cooler to fit your adventures?

Coolers are used by a growing variety of adventurers.  Its history began with rafting, then hunting and now we find coolers used for fishing boats, camping, days on the beach and even at football tailgate parties.  For many of these settings Orion has ensured that consumers can build off of their cooler to accommodate specific tools for their outdoors fun.  Orion is the only cooler with ‘gear tracks’ that allow for the addition of a long line of third party accessories from the likes of RAM and Yakattack, including:  fishing rod holders, drink holders, phones, and even fish finders!  Orion Coolers also has their own line of accessories that work with the tracks including the Utili-top drink and cutting board system as well as a cool seat back (the Handiback).

Is your cooler portability aided by wheels and great handles?

As you get to the larger sizes of coolers we find that they get very heavy, even for the shortest of jaunts can need two people and lots of effort.  Orion has two ways to accommodate carrying comfort:  motorcycle style rope handles that make it VERY nice on the hands when carrying a full cooler and their unique add-on Flip Cart wheel system that helps you go even farther with all that weight.  The flip wheel system allows you to wheel your cooler to its destination and then flips out of the way to set down flat.  This is unique to all other coolers out there and, makes big cooler transportation a breeze.

Has your cooler thought of everything in its build?

Not many coolers have ‘through of everything’ like the Orion Cooler has.  The Orion Cooler has been designed to fit into tight spaces with its rounded and protected edges.  When pushing a cooler into the back of a truck, boat or ATV, the Orion shape doesn’t take up unnecessary space.  Its flat and thickened corners are supported by metal brackets so that there is zero damage when loading.  Once in, the 6 tie-down points around the cooler allow you to tie the coolers any way that is convenient to the securing points of your vehicle.  Oh… and each of our 4 corner tie-down points are also beer bottle openers!  Orion was built by adventurers, for adventurers.  Its build is testimony of that.