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On November 14, 2022 Jackson Kayak announced the newest river boat to its fleet, the Coosa X. Many people may be asking why. For a company known as the first to market with a kayak specifically for rivers (the Coosa) and then a more stable, robust version of that kayak (the Coosa HD) why another river kayak?

As someone who has been able to get a sneak peek and even a day on a Texas river with one of the new Coosa X river kayaks, I think I have a pretty good idea.

Why the Coosa X?

As kayak fishing has grown, there are more options for rigging and thus the need for some updates. The Coosa X adds desired features for rivers and open water kayaks over past Coosa models including things like TriTrack, horizontal rod storage, and adjustable seat heights that can make a significant difference in moving water. (see the video!)

Jackson asked several of their Pro Team anglers who specialize in river kayak fishing for their feedback on both the Coosa and Coosa HD. The Coosa X is the result of adding in all of the features and performance the river runners wanted to see.

Who is the Coosa X Ideal For?

The Coosa X is designed by river anglers for river anglers. For the angler that lives in moving water and needs that extra confidence in their kayak to reach those unpressured areas the Coosa X marks the spot. Ok, I know it’s a pun but it works here.

Anyone who is interested in kayaking or fishing in moving water should definitely check out the Coosa X. I not only was able to fish in it but I got to run some rapids in it as well. The handling and ability to turn this river kayak 180 degrees with a single paddle stroke is impressive and often needed in technical stretches.

If you want a stripped down, simple kayak or a completely rigged out tournament rig, the Jackson Coosa X can deliver, especially when you need a river kayak for some of your tournaments.

Why Did Jackson Kayak Release the New Coosa X River Kayak?

Is the Coosa X That Much Different?

This is the real question I think owners of a previous Coosa or Coosa HD are going to ask. To answer you (as a previous owner of the 2012 Coosa in Yellow Jacket), yes. It is different.

Imagine all of the things you love about the newest, shiniest, tournament kayaks out there: tons of track for accessories, horizontal rod storage, large hatches, ability to add a motor, seating height options etc. The Coosa X has all of these.

Now think about all of the things you really want in a river kayak: maneuverability, stability, seating height options, rapid capable, drag anchor ready, horizontal rod storage (gotta keep out of the trees), and a clean deck. The Coosa X has all of these as well.

complete view of the Coosa X

Where Can I Try the New Coosa X?

If you are in Central Texas, check out TG Canoes and Kayaks in San Marcos. If you are in the DFW area, Mountain Sports is your place, and if you are in Houston, Fishing Tackle Unlimited will be your place. For a Jackson Dealer close to you check out this link as well: Jackson Kayak Dealer Locator