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USA BASSINS JAKSON KAYAK TRAIL has its first ever winner and a 19” smallie takes BIG bass.

Please help me congratulate Chris Falin on his victory on Cherokee Lake this past weekend. Chris has been fishing from a kayak for the last 4 years and jumped at the opportunity to compete in his backyard in NE Tennessee. Throwing mainly a square bill Chris worked some cleaner water he found in a creek when most the lake was muddied up from the recent passing cold front. He caught about 20 fish but was worried that he should have moved to find a bigger bite. That move would prove to not be necessary as the lake fished extremely tough with the combination of bad weather and nearly 300 tournament bass boats.

Despite the conditions Chris put all the pieces together to capture his first ever victory from a kayak! Watch out for him as he pursues his AOY run and he’s already got his eyes set on the JK Classic where he’s looking for some redemption on KY Lake!!

Scotty Ridley took home big bass honors at the inaugural event and to make it even better he caught the 19” smallie on his very own signature series spinnerbait! After loosing a tank of a largemouth when his DT6 broke he reached for the spinnerbait and made the winning connection! Give these guys a follow, check out a Jackson Kayak dealer and join us for an adventure out on the trail! Tight lines! 🎣✌🏼

The Bait that caught the BIG BASS