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Early spring often brings tons of muddy water into the lakes across the country. Some of it is rain, some of it snow melt, but either way, it creates chocolate milk reservoirs that anglers have to navigate to find bass. The best baits for bass fishing in muddy water can vary depending on if you fish fast or more methodically. Let’s cover both types and give you three baits for each speed of fishing so you can catch more bass in muddy water.

Bass Fishing Basics for Fast Fishing Muddy Water

Before we get to the baits, let’s discuss some basics of bass fishing muddy water. In the early spring the best thing you can do is find the cleanest water you can. Most times this will be at the very back of creeks and tributaries. Fish will stack up in the cleaner, more oxygenated water to feed and be more comfortable.

Often this inflow of water (if from rain) is also warmer than the main lake water temperatures. Warmth, higher oxygen concentrations, and plenty of new food flowing in from tributaries makes this a vacation spots for bass.

As you are trying to locate the fish, start in the far backs of the creeks and work your way out until you locate fish. Remember there will often be fish stacked in these areas so slow down and pick it apart if you find fish.

Muddy Water Bass Baits for Speed Fishing

Speed fishing muddy water is a quick location technique. Fishing fast allows you to eliminate dead water and make the most of your time on the water. The three best baits for speed working muddy water are ones you have probably heard of.

#1 White Spinnerbait
I like a white spinnerbait with a gold and a silver blade for fast location of fish. I also like to put a paddle tail swimbait trailer that extends past the skirt for some extra thump. If the water you are in is really muddy, try a spinnerbait with the blades painted white or chartreuse. I like the Berkley Power Blade spinnerbait that came out last year. The trailer is a Payne Outdoors paddletail in custom Ice color.

The Best Baits for Bass Fishing in Muddy Water

#2 White Bladed Jig
Everyone has their favorite white bladed jig but to me, the search and destroy through all-terrain action of the Evergreen/Z-Man Jackhammer is second to none. I also add the same trailer I use for a spinnerbait, a Payne Outdoors paddletail in custom Ice color.

The Best Baits for Bass Fishing in Muddy Water

#3 Shad Colored Swim Jig
If you like throwing a jig but you also like fishing fast, a swim jig may be the right choice here. I doesn’t have quite the vibration that the spinnerbait or the bladed jig have but it has a big profile that attracts attention when going through the water. Pair it with a matching paddle tail and get ready for the thump.

Muddy Water Bass Baits for Picking a Spot Apart

Once you’ve located a school and caught a couple of bass speed fishing, the school will often grow weary of baits ripping through the water column and be a little more hesitant. That’s when slowing it down to pick a spot apart is key. These are the three best baits in muddy water to slow it down and keep catching bass.

#1 Black and Blue Flipping Jig
The tried and true black and blue flipping jig has been a staple of muddy water anglers for decades. The reason for its staying power is because it flat out works. My preference is a Coda Lures Apex All Purpose jig. Most of the places I fish have a mixture of grass, rocks, timber, and other plants. The Apex can fish through all of those cover types and still be successful. Pair your favorite jig up with a craw trailer and go to work.

The Best Baits for Bass Fishing in Muddy Water

#2 Creature Bait Soft Plastics in Dark Colors
If jig fishing isn’t something you feel comfortable with, Texas Rig your favorite soft plastic creature bait and get to slinging. A bigger profile is helpful and will get more attention in the muddy water. I’ve been throwing the Payne Outdoors Gilley and it is a big producer in stained or chocolate milk water.

#3 Drop Shot Finesse Worms
I have found fish in a tournament and thrown the kitchen sink with nothing to get them to bite except for a drop shot. Throwing a 5.5” Mr Roboto from Payne Outdoors in Watermelon Fire/Chartreuse Tip has put a ton of fish in the boat for me when nothing else would. Find fish near a brush pile and slowly work the drop shot across it. Hit every branch you can.

Final Thoughts on Muddy Water Bass Fishing

Muddy water bass fishing is hard, especially in early spring. Some days you have to switch it up multiple time to figure out what they want and where the bass are staging. Remember to start shallow and work your way to deeper water. Try it all and let me know how it works out for you.