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Spring time bass fishing can be feast or famine and we definitely saw both sides as the USA Bassin / Jackson Kayak Trail headed into Easter weekend. Starting with Patoka Lake in Indiana we had a tough day of fishing but a very competitive battle for position. At the end we had 4 anglers separated by just 2” and first went down to a tie breaker! Since all the anglers caught 1 fish the tie breaker came down to time caught and Joel Thomas Blair edged out Marcas Grubbs for the win. John Gittner and Chad Brock rounded out the top of the field.

Sliding south into good Ol’ Rocky Top anglers were putting in work on Cherokee Lake. When the final bell rang there were a pair of Jackson Kayaks at the top of the leaderboard board but it was Alex Rudd who proved that he can talk the talk and walk the walk as he took the win and big bass honors! Sam Beck took home 2nd followed by Eric Miller, Dirk White and Chris Falin.

Heading to the state of Texas we anxiously awaited for the leaderboard to catch fire! Texas proved to be in “feast” mode as every angler put fish on their Ketch boards. A couple of those were some absolute Giants as Bubba Jones and Phillip Wyatt both posted 22.50”ers! Phillip would win the tiebreaker and ultimately come home second to Tim Cyr who outperformed the field to take the win on Lake O the Pines. The top 5 was filled out by a fleet of Jackson Kayak Fishing vessels captained by Lance McWhorter (3rd), Jeremy Baker (4th) and Greg Hurt (5th).

After Easter Kansas kicked off their week nighter on Monday. The evening shootout saw Jacob Ward take some hardware off into the sunset as he bested 2nd place finisher Kevin Kerr by just under 2 inches! Matt Walthall finished 3rd.

Be sure to follow along for updates on events and check out Tourney X for a list of Trail events near you, Tight lines!