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Last weekend the USA Bassin / Jackson Kayak Trail had just one tournament on the schedule and this weeks playing field was Barren River Lake in Kentucky. Just as one would expect prior to a spring derby, Mother Nature threw a wrench into everything and TD’s chose to move the tournament to Sunday so that the anglers would have safer conditions to compete in. The heavy rains leading up to the tournament would play a major roll on game day and Jeremy Hayes played the hand he was dealt to perfection!

Hayes knew going into the event that the river portion would be a mud bath but past experience taught him that there were a couple of creeks that would most likely have clear water spilling into the main lake. That choice proved to be a good one as the first creek yielded a keeper! That magic quickly fizzled as it only produced 1 fish in a 2 hr time frame. He chose to leave the spot and let some of that clean water to continue to flow in and fish other areas near by. Around 11:15 Jeremy came back to his cleaner water and proceeded to catch 4 keepers in 6 casts! This not only filled his 5 bass limit but also filled him with confidence that he was on the right pattern! His next clean water creek would prove just as productive as it gave up 3 culls on route to a first place victory and big bass! The win has Jeremy sitting in first in the Kentucky division AOY race and on the edge of qualifying for the Jackson Kayak Classic this October where he’ll compete for nearly a $15000 1st place prize including a brand new Jackson Kayak Knarr!

Timothy Howard brought in the only other limit to claim 2nd with Brian Spalding rounding out the top 3. Be sure to heck out to register for Indiana’s debut on Patoka Lake, Texas round 2 on Lake o’ The Pines and Kansas kicks off the Cedar Creek Lake Division! Want to be a part of the fun? Head over to to get your free membership today and we’ll see you on the water tomorrow!!