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Whitewater Kayaks are known and made to take a beating and sometimes at extreme force. Whether running down hard whitewater, pin balling through rapids or being pushed to perform complex tricks.

With the different demands of our kayaks, it’s very important that we have them made at a high quality. Sparta Plastics was founded upon our need to make the highest quality whitewater kayaks. My name is Emily Jackson, and I am Brand Manager for Jackson Kayak Whitewater.

Hanging in our factory is a sign that says “Build it like it’s Yours.” The very start of that process happens in rotomolding. Our team at Sparta plastics cares about quality the same way I do, they know that the users of our kayaks not only belong to our family here at Jackson Kayak, but that each user is someones Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother or Kid. With this in mind the crew does very specific density testing in every square inch to ensure the entirety of the product meets our needs and expectations.

This level of dedication is why we choose to work with Sparta Plastics, and why I put my own kids in a Jackson.