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Submitted by Adam Pross

Is it paddling, pedaling or motorized zipping along the water that fills that void? Are you like me, someone who feels the water constantly calls my name? Does the adrenaline rush of tournaments drive you or just love chasing your favorite species on your local waterways? I’ll be honest at heart, I’m a paddler, the way it fills my soul with happiness as I paddle across the water is truly magical. I’m definitely an adventurous paddler. I’m taken by the exploration of bodies of water in search of a bent rod.

If it’s a familiar spot or somewhere I’ve never paddled, consider me signing up for the adventure. So, how do you approach a body of water? Are you strategic or do you just go for it? No hesitation? I guess everyone could answer this question in many different ways. My answer is I’m always up for the challenge of discovering what lurks beneath me. Planning and preparation are very important to me. I do not measure success by the amount of fish I’ve caught but by the personal growth, I’ve gained from my adventure. Every adventure is unique. Like all adventures, there are upward climbs and sometimes downward falls. Trust me when I’ve come across spectacular bodies of water and been completely skunked. The thing about trying is you go further ahead because you gain experience, something you can learn from and I call them experiences not failures.

I’ve noticed in my adventures that fear of failing can try to deter us from losing focus on our goal. I believe in focusing my energy on a positive mindset. I’ve really found that encouraging a positive mind set is key. It helps me on the water and off the water. It’s that saying “be encouraging not critical”. I encourage you all that anything is possible and a positive mind set is worth pursuing. I’m grateful for all my past experiences and I’ve learned so much, but I’ve still got a lot to learn. I look forward to all the next ones that I do!