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Jackson Kayak’s Fishing Kayak offering for the 2023 season is shipping NOW to most Jackson dealer locations!


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Tennessee, November 14, 2022 – Jackson Kayak is excited to announce our latest fishing kayak – the Coosa X. Jackson’s roots in Kayak Fishing began 12 years ago with the Coosa, a paddle kayak that help revolutionize kayak fishing. As we deepen our roots on the Coosa Line, we focused on creating a kayak for adventure river trips, kayak camping, river fishing, small lake and pond hopping, as well as exploring small creeks and tributaries.

We’ve taken our extensive knowledge of hull design for moving water and combined it with input from our fishing team to create a true JK Team Signature Watercraft. The Coosa X is stable, maneuverable, easily rigged, and comes with tons of new and innovative features. Some of the key features include our new TriTrak system, oversized transducer scupper that will handle most fish finder transducers, new drag chain system, foot peg system that allow for in-gunnel rod management, and more.

With added volume in the bow for river running and moving water, and a deck laid out to meet a variety of rigging needs, the Coosa X is designed to be the best river and small water fishing kayak we have ever made.

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About the Coosa X

Jackson Kayak’s roots have always been in whitewater and river running. Our first fishing. kayak was the Coosa followed by the Coosa HD. Designed to answer the specific needs of the river angler. Since then, kayak fishing has grown and evolved. Today, anglers have tons of options for rigging and accessories to make their lives easier on the water. The Coosa series was ready for an update and upgrade. We believe the modern kayak angler deserves a boat that delivers on function without

sacrificing performance. Other kayaks may have whistles and bells, but, we know when it comes to moving water, no one outperforms Jackson Kayak.

Thus, we bring you the Coosa X!


About Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak was founded in 2004 and currently resides in Sparta, Tennessee with over 100 employees.  Jackson Kayak immediately became a leading Whitewater brand, then quickly evolved into the recreational and fishing kayak sectors. Jackson has since expanded their high-end kayak product line to include Orion Coolers and Kennels.  These initiatives have Jackson Kayak reaching an ever-broadening array of outdoor enthusiasts world-wide. Jackson Kayak remains a family owned and operated company today and continues to be a Made in USA manufacturer supporting the local economy in Tennessee.

For more information, interview scheduling and additional photos and video please contact Emily Jackson, or 931-205-6582