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At Jackson Kayak we are outdoors enthusiasts first. From the day we produced our first whitewater kayak to today our team is always on water or in the woods using the very products we build. This is where the next products come from. We never stop playing, and we never stop evolving our line of products. They are as much for us as they are for our customers.

Since the start of Jackson Kayak, we have also aligned ourselves with the top innovators in paddlesports. Legends in design like Tony Lee have helped carve out some of the most performant kayaks in history. Combining our team of designers and builders with our adventure expertise results in kayaks and products that are at the cutting edge of innovation.

I you were to ask any customer who the President of Jackson Kayak is, they would most likely know. In fact, they would know him and most of his executive team. You cannot say that for any other manufacturer, save one or two. Jackson Kayak is one of the only companies that operates like a true Made in USA, family owned business. Our consumers are our tribe. We are constantly out fishing, running rivers and playing in the outdoors with our community of enthusiasts. This makes Jackson one of the most approachable companies in adventure.

Our brand moto, therefore is: Innovation + Approachability = Relevant