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img_3986I have been paddling the Villain S for the past year, and I have been absolutely loving it. So naturally I was fired up to be able to borrow a Villain S while down in Mexico.

We have been running the Gnar, and the Villain has been preforming amazingly. Though this didn’t surprise me at all. The surprise was how much I loved paddling Dane’s new Hero as well.

We have been down here for 2 weeks so far, and were able to get on the Road Side section, Big Banana, Upper Jalacingo, Lower Jalacingo, and the Oro. All in all, I have been blown away with the New Hero. It is possibly the easiest boat ever to boof, and with the short size it is extremely maneuverable. The boat is just EASY to paddle. For me though this biggest shock was the hull speed of the boat. I assumed that with it’s short stature it would be slow, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It glides super fast, catching me by surprise at times.

Well as we all know is picture will tell a thousand words so here you go, though take my word and try out a New Hero for yourself.

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