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Mexico is one of my favorite places on earth, the weather is warm, the scenery is gorgeous, and the whitewater is amazing.

My first trip here was back in 2006, when I was part of the first full descent of the Rio Alseseca. Since then I have tried to come back every year, both because of my good ol’ amigo Rafael Ortiz, but mainly because the river is one of the best I have ever seen.

This year I came back with Dane, meeting up with Rafa, Joel, Philthy, and Deuce, who were already here. For me this was pretty cool being that this was the group of people I learnt to kayak with, back in the ol’ Keener Days.

The most known river in Mexico is probably the Alseseca, though most of the river is rarely run. Though what most people don’t know is the Jalacingo is right beside it, and is as good or better.

With the Upper Jalacingo littered with slides boofs and a couple sweet drops it would stand up to pretty much any section the Alseseca has to offer. Though the Lower Jalacingo is where all the really amazing waterfall lay hidden. Starting off with two 20 ft. falls, straight into a 60 footer, straight into a 40 footer would be enough for anyone. Though the 10 boof heaven followed by ‘dungeon drop’ (a 35-40 foot fall into a caved in dungeon canyon), which then ends with a couple more slide, a 100 foot falls (portage), and a couple smaller rapids, makes the Lower Jalacingo one of the best sections of whitewater I have even paddled. Now I could be biased because I was on the team the found this gem, but I would like to see someone paddle it and still argue it isn’t amazing.

Every trip down to Mexico I get to paddle some new rivers, and this trip was no exception. Though most of my new rivers are also first descents, this time we were fortunate enough to paddle an awesome river that was already becoming famous. The Mexican gem that ends on the beach, the Oro. It was another beautiful river, possibly the most beautiful river I’ve paddled in Mexico. With gorgeous moss covered canyons, crystal clear blue water, and waterfalls for everyone, the Oro should be on everyone top list.

Though after some great days on the river we decided (convinced by Rafa) to go check out the beach, though that will have to wait for another update.

Check out some of the photos from out trip.

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