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Dear Eric,

Here is the story of how Jackson Kayak saved my legs/life.

I would just like to take a few minutes to thank you for making such solid and awesome boats. The combination of the crosslink plastic, footbrace and bulkhead system on the Villain saved my life. Literally! I bought the Villain about a month ago… ran the Great Chazy in NY once and absolutely loved it! Took it out for the second time at Blakeney Rapids in Almonte with Mike McKay and pinned it in an undercut wall below an overhanging cliff.. There was no access to the boat without rapelling gear and we were only 2 at the the time. I was pinned up to my waist and managed to squeeze myself out the boat by just a few inches or less and into a nasty rocky swim… Had the boat not been crosslink / Bulkhead system or a Jackson, I am 100% positive it wouldve bent right away and broken both my ankles and legs. The plastic witheld pressure of the water for 10 hours before it started bending and even then, the bulkhead is still somwhat intact. I left it there overnight and me, Mike and Adam Chappell and a few other guys went to get the boat yesterday..It needed intense rope work, 16 guys and 5 hours to get it out.. Your grab loop handles are BOMB PROOF!! They held over 7000 pounds of pressure and didnt move or bent at all and mad eit possible for us to get the boat out. My brand new Villain L is scrapped but i am glad to be able to write this to you today and thank you for making such awesome kayaks! Ill be paddling my new superstar for this season until I get enough coin to buy a new Creeker..Witch will DEFINATELY be a Jackson Kayak! Villain L or Superhero!? Not sure yet! I hope you get to read this message and Thak you again! God bless you and all the Jackson Kayak crew!! Here is a picture of my Villain when we got it out!

John Cyr