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Wintering in Hood River, OR may not be as warm as the empanadas of Chile, or ever close to as sunny. Actually, I haven’t see the sun in days, it’s been raining for weeks, and everything seams to always be at a great level! So… Yeah, other than those tasty little pockets of goodness, the PNW has been a great Winter Boating Location.

Driving away from all the world class local runs of Hood River, I recently had the pleasure to paddle the Carbon River. An absolutely incredible stretch of class 5 whitewater which flows from the Carbon Glacier off the North West side of Mt. Rainier. The river drops through several committing hallways and access is very limited. Many of the rapids must be boat scouted and ran blind for there isn’t many options to portage or scout. But if you’re into that kind of stuff (I sure am) then this will be an unforgettable trip. Accompanied by Jesse Coombs, Sam Drevo, and 2 raft teams the table was set for a big day. Some how we were going to fit 2 rafts through a 3 foot slot… squeezing by for the first raft decent.

Enjoy the video,
[vimeo width=”500″ height=”400″][/vimeo]

Also, Thank you… To everyone that makes Jackson Kayaks possible, starting with the design, working through the shop in TN, and ending in the hands of people who love to paddle. The Villain has rocked my Winter!

From Hood River OR,
John McConville