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If you like paddling bigger boats or have a shorter torso than average for your weight there’s an amazing piece of kayak outfitting waiting for you to discover:  the 200 Sweet Cheeks.

Like our regular Sweet Cheeks, the 200 is an airtight nylon rectangular bag full of foam ‘bean bag’ pellets with a hose connected so you can suck the air out for a vacuum-bagged seal.  If you’ve ever noticed how hard to coffee brick is before you cut the foil bag you get the idea of just what we are shooting for here – a completely moldable fairly rigid seat that conforms to your exact body shape – right up to the paddling gear you chose for the day.  It’s only a ‘bean bag’ consistency till you suck the air out – and then it’s a rigid part of your kayak outfitting, ready to transfer your every move to the boat you’re wearing in a way soft foam just can’t compete with.   Instead of forming pressure points where you pelvis and tail-bone connect to the hard flat seat, you distribute the load of your upper body evenly across the whole seat – reducing discomfort and also allowing your body to naturally absorb more impact the way it was meant to – by the natural impact absorbing properties of flesh.  On top of the 100% contacting fit, there’s also a bit if impact absorbtion built in to the rigid-feeling, but compressable foam seat.
What’s the 200 name for?  200% of the amount of beans inside the regular bag.   For most people that means a much more ‘contoured’ fit for less side-to side sliding for a better ‘grip’ on your kayak.  In smaller boats, this amount will raise you up really high due to the narrower seat – you will likely want to remove the pad that came in your boat for starters to try the higher
position without going overboard.   In larger boats, like the Super-hero, Villain, Mon-star etc you may end up using it OVER your 100 or the foam pad in your SL version boat.   I think Stephen Wright and Dane are up on 2 200’s in some boat models … crazy high but if you’ve got the balance it sure is nice to give yourself a little ‘elbow room’ over the cockpit rim and a bit more leverage over the boat.
One of the best features in the 200 Sweet Cheeks is that it can be quickly unstrapped and moved from your JK boat to any other kayak, so you may buy if for your Rockstar/ 4-Fun playboat and find you like it in your Villain / Hero / creeker as well.  As long as you are careful with the hose connection when getting in and out it is likely to last you longer than your kayak, but if the hose should start to pull free, a dab of Aquaseal or shoe-goo works wonders!
Boats I use the 200 Sweet Cheeks in (at 170 lbs, 5’9”)
Rockstar Elite, Villain, Super-hero, 4-Fun, Super-star, Green-boat for racing, Journey, Rogue 10, Rocker, 2010 Hero, Carbon Rockstar